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It can be hard for growing companies to find out what federal buyers need. TRIAD brings the experts with knowledge of DoD Technology Requirements to us & supports those conversations through coaching & education.


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We work with our clients to accelerate growth when licensing or developing intellectual property from DoD research organizations. TRIAD helps us better understand the world inside the DoD, and provides access to important decision makers.



The Entrepreneurs Center 


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The TRIAD event creates a unique opportunity for Ohio entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by solving problems for the U.S. military. While many businesses don't know how to get started doing business with the government this is a rare chance to break down some of those barriers and truly expand their market. We're excited to see what this will mean for small businesses so close to home.


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GDI Partners

Fostering Entrepreneurship through Community Engagement.

Growth, Development, and Innovation, those are the goals of GDI Partners. Our strategy is simple, connect the dots between need and opportunity to bring prosperity to the communities and businesses we serve. Whether it’s organizing TRIAD events to showcase innovators to federal agencies or acting as a trusted resource in the development of a new plan for growth, GDI is there. We are your partners for long term success.


We form collaborative partnerships with communities, local governments, and economic development organizations to identify ecosystem gaps, align existing assets, and provide resources that support company growth, innovation, and job creation.



Tracy Boettinger - GDI Partners

Tracy Boettinger

Tracy Boettinger is a natural collaborator who sees meaningful opportunities for partnerships in unexpected places. Her gift for facilitating connections between diverse groups allows her to support government agencies, investors, philanthropic organizations, and small businesses with unique strategies for mutual growth. 

As the Director of Membership and Programs at the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF), Tracy helped achieve growth and development goals through collaboration between diverse communities. While at NASVF she supported members by creating meaningful collisions through conferences, education, and targeted communication.

Tracy gained an understanding of small business as a senior executive and business owner. Throughout her career, she has used that knowledge to help other companies grow. With her ability to connect-the-dots between potential partners and underutilized resources, Tracy has become an asset to small businesses around the nation. 

Rural development is important to Tracy, and she is committed to helping build vibrant communities for residents, businesses, education, and jobs. It was this commitment that led Tracy to join Lisa Delp in GDI Partners. Through GDI Partners and the “Technology Requirements & Innovation Awareness Days” (TRIAD) initiative Tracy aims to bring new opportunities for small businesses to thrive and create positive local economic impact. 

Lisa Delp - GDI Partners

Lisa Delp

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Lisa Delp brings a first-person perspective to the needs of emerging companies and the role of government in economic development. At state, national, and international levels she works to build sustainable entrepreneurial environments and create active networks of vital business resources. 

Guided by her own experience in a technology start-up she brings a first-person view to the need for government-led support of small businesses. When combined with her service as the Executive Director of the Ohio Third Frontier, a $2.3 billion government-led initiative to support entrepreneurial ventures, Lisa is able to see both sides of the economic development equation. Using this knowledge Lisa works globally to provide guidance in many aspects of technology-based economic development. 

As the Director of the Ohio Federal Research Network Commercialization Team Lisa operated at the interface between academic labs, Department of Defense (DOD) facilities, and Ohio industry. This work provided the insight to develop a repeatable, measurable, and scalable process to support the technology requirements of the DOD.

In 2018 Lisa formed GDI Partners with long-time business colleague Tracy Boettinger to offer the “Technology Requirements & Innovation Awareness Days” (TRIAD) initiative and support communities in reaching their fullest potential for company formation, economic growth, and local job creation.

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