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AUGUST 24 - 28, 2020

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Fisher Hall


Hear Science & Technology Scouts describe new and existing Department of Defense technology requirements. Learn from business support program representatives about how to promote and sell technology responsive innovations.



Individual meetings allow companies to pitch their technology directly to Science & Technology Scouts and gain valuable feedback about how their product meets the needs of the DoD or other federal agencies.


Spend time connecting to companies, Science & Technology Scouts, investors, and agency program managers in a casual atmosphere to find potential new partners, customers, vendors, and resources.



  • Get support, coaching, and feedback through a proven process that improves your communication with The Department of Defense (DoD).


  • Discover what the Common Needs List is, learn to identify their solutions and decode those agency and program acronyms available to support them.


  • Obtain product feedback through presentations to DoD Science & Technology Scouts in private Pitch Sessions.


  • Gain ongoing introductions (socialization) of relevant technology to potential buyers and resource providers.


  • Learn to navigate the labyrinth of Government requirements and identify the business assistance resources available for success.

  • Receive opportunity notifications to further engagement with DOD Scouts, Federal, and State Representatives



  • Meet Science and Technology Scouts to get a broader understanding of The Department of Defence (DoD) needs and how working together will improve local economies.

  • Increase awareness of what the Common needs list is, its purpose, and how to find it.

  • Form new partnerships with The Department of Defense (DoD), State and federal agencies that accelerate local company growth and create sustainable economic impact.

  • Bring valuable opportunities to area companies by learning how to identify relevant technology and connect those solutions to federal agencies

  • Create a positive economic impact through informed engagement with federal buyers and resource providers to expand local businesses and create jobs.


  • Build stronger relationships with state and federal agencies through joint partnering opportunities that facilitate further engagement.

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